The physical worship or reverence for another's body, as part of being a submissive to that person, or simply out of awe of the body attributes.



Technically referred to as 'Agastopia' this is where one has a particular adoration of a single body feature.

This can be a particular muscle, or feature such as the buttocks, the scrotum, genitalia, foot, toes, etc.


Body worship is found in all genders and sexual orientation.

Generally it involves the kissing, licking, of a specific part of another's body.

Those receiving the worship, are usually constrained in their mannerism, showing a subdued response to the worshipper.

It can include a more reserved form of touching. However in most instances, the only allowed contact is oral, where one may kiss, lick, or suck on the admired body part.

In some instances, especially in BDSM sessions, the submissive is required to worship the particular body part in a prescribed manner, then to allow themselves to be subjected to some other form of sexual action.

Some will consider it a way to humiliate the submissive, to confirm the dominance of one over the other, by only granting permission, and in prescribing the method of worship, in full detail.

Encouragement is usually a slap or spanking on the submissive's buttocks, or other body parts accessible.

Practice (Associated Acts): In some instances, the worship is due simply to the physical awe a specific body part may elicit in another, and not be part of any BDSM role playing or session.

These instances are where one will be attracted to another, due to a specific body part, such as the foot, the ass, the penis, chest, and so forth.

Common worship parts are muscles, the arse, the feet.

Special sexual attention is paid to these attracted body parts, through simply viewing them, or through a more respectful mannerism of touching, of kissing.

Noteworthy: Face sitting and smothering are forms of worship, though they are far more aggressive than what is considered traditional methods of showing one's worship.

Other meanings

Body Worship is a catch all, for those who have a particular attraction to a body part. Foot worshiping for example is referred to as podophilia.

Retifism on the other hand, is the worship of footwear, shoes, which is not part of Body Worship, but is an associated Fetish.

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