Fellatio, or a blow job, is the act of oral sex performed on a penis.



A blow job is when someone uses their mouth, including possibly lips and tongue, to stimulate their partner's penis. This is also known as fellatio and is a form of oral sex. Many men find this kind of oral sex extremely gratifying. A blow job can be given as foreplay or can be used to bring a man to orgasm.


There are many variations when it comes to giving a blow job. Fellatio can be accomplished while sitting, standing, kneeling or lying down. While they suck, they can use their hands to play with their partner's testicals, anus or to squeeze or fondle any part of his body that gives him pleasure. Many put the penis in their mouths and suck on it while moving their heads up and down. This simulates intercourse while the sucking adds another dimension to the sensation. Some men and women can let the entire length of the penis enter their mouths so that the cock may actually touch the back of their throats. This is called deep throating. There is also face fucking, where the man being sucked is usually on top or to the side and moves his hips as if he were having intercourse with a partner. This usually leads to very deep penetration of the mouth and is often more forceful.

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