The attraction to those with the hair color of blond.



Blond refers to a male with light colored hair, while Blonde is the female equivalent.

[One of the few adjectives, in the English Language, with spelling difference, based on gender]

Blonds are a cultural attraction, based on the mistaken assumption that they are either more 'god like' in all proportions, or simply more promiscuous than those with other hair colors.

Noteworthy: There are several sub varieties of blond hair colors. These were established to help differentiate between the various shades.

Platinum, Ash, Strawberry, Sandy, Pool, Sunny, Golden Brown, Golden, Bottle or Bleach, Dirty or Dishwater, Hazy or Zebra.

The sexual desire of such notables as Marilyn Monroe, and Jean Harlow helped create the current believe of Blondes being both dumb and wanton.

The lack of character for those who are Blond is mainly a media created belief, not originally associated with Blonds. It was the sexual desire, that notable blonde women created, plus the roles they depicted in pictures, that created the impression of Blonds being promiscuous, as well as dumb. Blond Jokes fueled the myth as well, which were generated again from the media of the mid twentieth century.

Yet in many cultures, being Blond was a prerequisite for showing the trueness (purity) of their blood line. The Nazis are most noted for their insistence of the Aryan Race being primarily Blond, Blue Eyed, which was based on a false assumption.

Northern Europe, such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark have a high incidence of blond hair population. 50% of the population is believed to be blond, in some form or another. Yet in Iceland and Finland, it is thought to be as high as 80%, or more.

Blond hair in Europeans is also associated with paler colored eyes, where the colors are less brilliant, more dulled. It also is associated with lighter skin tones, and freckled skin.


It is believed that after the last Ice Age, the predominance of Blonds in Europe came about due to the lack of males versus females. As food was scarce in supply, in Europe, long hunting trips were routine, which also resulted in above average deaths of males.

Blondes stood out, making them more attractive in the eyes of the males, giving them (females) a mating advantage, in those times. Hence the larger than average number of Blond Persons with varying eye colors, in Europe versus the rest of the World.

History (Legend): Most, but not all GODS in Greek Mythology were given blond hair attributes, as at the time those who were blond were a rarity. It was a sign of Divinity in their culture, and as the GODS were the ultimate, it was natural to assume that anyone with Blond coloring, was somehow Divine, blessed by the GODS.

Other legends assigned Blond hair coloring to its folk lore heroes, and heroines, thus propelling the status of Blonds, to something more akin to a GOD, or object of worthy desire.

Northern European Fairy Tales made Blonds a desire of the mythical folk, again establishing that being blond was something special, something desirable.

Oddities: A Great number of children are born with blond hair coloring, that disappears by the teenage years. True Blonds however, maintain the color, though it darkens with age.

Many True Blonds are also paler in skin tone, and as they grow older, the hair can darken to brunette. While the hair can darken, the eyebrows and other hair might remain light in color. Pubic hair, darker than other hair on the body, will still be lighter on a True Blond.

Body hair can be extremely light for True Blonds, even almost appearing like fuzz, rather than actual strands of hair. As a True Blond ages, the hairs can darken, though not necessarily.

Other meanings

Used also to describe light colored objects, such as woods or lager beers.

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