Very popular in Japan, but less so in other Western Countries, this is a video game, dealing with video games featuring anime, centered around younger females.



Popular Japanese video games, featuring younger female anime characters, in romantic and erotic situations.

"Girl Game, Gal Game, Galge" are other popular terms of this genre, that centers around attractive, desirable, younger females.


While these games aren't noted outside of Asia, they have many sub genres, such as Dating Sims (known as Ren'ai Games) and H Games.

The first Bishojo Game is believed to have appeared around 1982.


Varied among the different genres, especially in gameplay.

Usually a more linier type of play, that follows a set pattern.

Some of the more puzzle types, have the goal to reveal the erotic pictures, under tiles.

A form of interactive, or role playing game, such as in the dating sims, where one must use the appropriate pick up lines, to garner a higher rating on the 'love meter'.

Practice (Associated Acts):

As these games are more about the characters, they prefer the 2D modeling, to emphasize the character, more than the flow, or movement.

Many of these games are more role playing, or adventures.


While not well known outside of Japan, these video games account for the majority of offline PC games sales there.

Most outside of Japan, associate porn with these type of games, but they are in fact, not.

A large number of these games have very little explicit imagery, as the concentration is on the story line, not the sexuality.

There are some that do have hardcore sex within, the majority don't.

This is largely also due, to the strict Japanese laws regarding pornography, and in regulating video game ratings, or labeling.

Other meanings

The women portrayed are generally cute, and feminine in style, action.

Rarely are there characters who are obese, or having other unattractive features or personas.

Even the more dominant type, are given softer features, or personalities, to conform with the genre.

Males generally are not a main feature, of these games, videos.

While present, they are not the focus.

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