Cheap rooms generally available by the hour, or rented in districts tourists wouldn't stay in. Used primarily for hustlers to take their 'dates' to for sex.



Crib can refer to a toddler's sleeping bed, or simply to a bed.

In some slang, it can refer to a home, or place where one lives. Used mostly in African American and Latino gang slang.

In prison, a term used to denote the inmate's cell.

Crib can also refer to a bed in a brothel, or whore house.

Amongst Gay's, it is used to denote a cheap motel room, apartment, that's sole purpose is for Hustler's to bring back their paying customers for sex.

Noteworthy: In gay parlances, birdcage or bird cage can also be referring to the anus.

In earlier times, a bird was reference to a woman of ill repute, a whore, so a birdcage became another word for brothel, whore house.

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