A variation on the old fashioned doggy style, but done a lot closer to the ground, for both partners. This does require flexibility on behalf of both partners, and may not be accomplished by all who try it.



Even back in Ancient Times, anal sex was used as a target for humor, and/or ridicule.

Surviving comedies from that era, such as those of Aristophanes, who alluded to the practice of anal sex among men, as making the citizens europroktoi.

This meant, that they were all wide assed..


The Receiver (the one being penetrated) assumes the standard position, on all fours.

They are in a kneeling position, with their legs spread apart.

The hands are in front of the head, and also spread apart, to allow for better support.

Unlike in the Doggy Style, however, they are more in a crouching position, or in other words, the belly and chest are closer to the flat surface.

The Giver (the one doing the penetrating) kneels behind the Receiver.

With their hands on the hips, or sides, the Giver places their own legs on either side.

The bottom legs are flat on the floor, aimed away from the Receiver.

Entry is accomplished, with some effort, due to the low position.

This does require some added hip action, on both parties part, which can be uncomfortable, or not doable.

One has to be flexible, to properly perform this position.

Practice (Bulldog):

Another variation of the doggy style, but also a much more intense penetration, than normal.

The Receiver (the one being penetrated) is on all fours, but with a difference.

They keep the legs close together, to make the penetration more intense, and yes, difficult.

Unlike the Basset Hound, the Giver (the one doing the penetrating) crouches behind the Receiver.

They move in close, crouching down, using their upper legs to hold the sides of the receiver inwards.

Holding onto the sides, usually the hips, the Giver penetrates the Receiver.

The actual entry may be difficult at the beginning, but generally allows for a tighter feeling, all around. And we all like a nice tight fit, don't we?


“Greek Love” has come to refer to anal sex, but is not gender based.

It can simply refer to anal penetration, which in Ancient Times was also a form of birth control.

Additionally, in those times, if the mounted person was male, they were less respected, due to being subjected to control, by another male, which was not the accepted role of the Male in society, at that time.

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