A butch Latino or Black male who dresses to express their masculinity and hide their sexual preference for other men.



Primarily a New York City cultural word, it is not as popular as it once was. It has been supplanted with the term 'homo thug' though a Banjee isn't necessarily a homosexual.

It references mostly to Black or Latino males who dress in fashion, to present a sense of masculinity. It does not always imply a sexual preference for males, but can be attributed to bi-sexual males or opportune males.

Opportune Males refers to a person who will engage in homosexual acts, either for money, or more likely because no females are around to satisfy their urges. It does not imply homosexuality or even bi-sexuality.

Considered to be more 'assertive' or 'masculine' in appearance, and in attitude.

Noteworthy: Most of the pornographic videos that embraced the term 'banjee' focused more on the 'opportunist' aspect of the word's definition, than about whether or not it referenced a 'butch gay man'.


From the 1980's and made more popular in Pornographic videos of the 1990's. It is more about mannerisms and dress, not necessarily referring to one's sexual orientation.

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