Another name for a penis. Usually associated with a penis of a man of color, or of dark skin.
The rooms located in clubs and bars, where sexual activity occurs, out of the general public view.
badger game
An extortion scheme, designed to trick a victim into doing their bidding, such as paying money to not have the information made public.
bag off
Scottish and Northern English term referring to one entering a sexual relationship.
ball stretcher
A sex toy used to extend the length of a person's scrotum.
balloon fetish
The sexual attraction of balloons, the desire to become aroused by the inflation, deflation, of balloons.
The egg shaped sex organ held in the scrotum, leather sac under the male's penis.
A bondage position, where the submissive is bound into a position resembling a ball.
A butch Latino or Black male who dresses to express their masculinity and hide their sexual preference for other men.
A Japanese term, used for those who are admirers of man love or as we would call them, bears or muscle men. Usually a form of manga.
Originally a gay term used to describe intercourse without using a condom.
barely legal
Descriptive used in conjunction with 'twinks' or 'guys' who are eighteen years of age or just barely over that age.
basset hound
A variation on the old fashioned doggy style, but done a lot closer to the ground, for both partners. This does require flexibility on behalf of both partners, and may not be accomplished by all who try it.
Where men can go to have anonymous sex along with a sauna.
Kinky sex or role playing that involves some form of all or some of, bondage, discipline, dominance, submission sadism, and masochism.
A specific sub culture of the gay community with emphasis on body and facial hair, also considered older.
bedroom bondage
A more tame version of bondage, mostly considered vanilla in nature, where one is bound more for the pleasure, more as a form of foreplay, rather than as a form of pain or control or even domination.
beef gravy
Slang term used to denote semen, Recently coined, from the 1980's, in reference to how gravy is a delicious topping..
Someone who is well built, that has ripped muscles, along with a buff, toned body structure. Not necessarily a body builder, though obviously someone who takes care of their body, through exercise.
A person who is well built, brawny but not necessarily obese or extremely fat. More of a person who has some girth to their body, but appears to be fairly well proportioned.
ben dover
Where the 'receiver (one being penetrated)' is bent over, (similar to the doggy style position), while the 'giver (one doing the penetrating) enters from the rear.
ben wa balls
Mainly hollow metal balls on a string, inserted in the rectum for sexual stimulation.
bent spoon
A variation on the sex position "Acrobat" in which the Receiver is laying on top of the Giver, back to stomach.
The sexual attraction between humans and animals, that involves stimulation from contact, both physically and mentally.
Someone who believes themselves to be heterosexual, but has thoughts about sex with another person of the same gender.
big cocks
Big cocks are penises that are significantly larger than average size.
A group of males / females who are into riding Motorcycles, or club where the criteria is riding Motorcycles.
The fear, hatred, aversion to someone who is bisexual in orientation.
Using a collection of tiny tree branches (not necessarily from the Birch Tree) to administer corporal punishment, to inflict pain.
Cheap rooms generally available by the hour, or rented in districts tourists wouldn't stay in. Used primarily for hustlers to take their 'dates' to for sex.
The sexual attraction to both genders, without being partial to just one. To engage in sex but also to have similar emotional attachments with both genders.
bishojo game
Very popular in Japan, but less so in other Western Countries, this is a video game, dealing with video games featuring anime, centered around younger females.
bit of ginger
Slang terms used mainly by the British to denote someone acting effeminate, or acting like a perceived homosexual.
Short slang term, for the obvious, a blow job.
black handkerchief
Where a person is seeking some heavy sadomasochism sex play, by displaying a black handkerchief.
black in white
An active Black Male engaging in penetrative sex, with a white person. This is where the active or top is Black, the bottom or submissive is White.
black jock
Uniquely British term, from the late 1800's to early 1900's that was in reference to the pubic hairs of a person. Black Jock was for the male. Black Bess denoted the female pubic hairs.
black pencil
Mainly gay terminology used to describe the penis, of a man of color. Usually indicating a well endowed black male.
black snake
Gay slang or terminology for a man's penis, who is of dark skin color. In short a black man's penis.
black velvet
A not so complimentary term, referring to a woman of dark skin color, as a sexual object only. Can also refer to the woman's vagina, for one who is dark haired.
black widow
Another male, who deliberately seduces someone else's lover or who deliberately tries to take a prospective lover from a friend.
A special room, painted in a flat black color, from floor to ceiling, that is used in Sadomasochism sexual play.
blacksmiths shop
A whorehouse, where one can obtain prostitutes, which is usually owned or run by a person of color. Generally such a proprietor, was female.
gay Blatino refers to a black / latino mix.
Film genre from the 1970's that had black actors or characters taking the lead roles, as the hero, rather than the villain.
The practice of covering a person's eyes while engaging in sex or sexual related activity.
The attraction to those with the hair color of blond.
blow job
Fellatio, or a blow job, is the act of oral sex performed on a penis.
blue balls
Slang for the physical discomfort one feels when they maintain an erection without ejaculation for several hours.
blue movie
A movie that is classified as being pornographic in nature, that is less about a plot, but more about sexual activity.
body integrity identity disorder
The overwhelming desire to actually become an amputee, by the removal of a healthy limb.
body modification
Modifying / changing the body's appearance, such as piercings, branding, tattooing.
body worship
The physical worship or reverence for another's body, as part of being a submissive to that person, or simply out of awe of the body attributes.
A standing spooning position, where the Receiver is standing, facing in the same direction, as the Giver, affording the Giver access to their backside.
gay bondage - Being tied up, bound by chains or straps or other means.
bondage glove
A pouch like device used to cover a person's hands, for a BDSM session.
bondage safety
Specific safety tips for when involved in Bondage type of role playing, or engaging in sex where restraints are used.
Slang for an aroused penis.
Used in sex sessions, where humiliation of the bottom, is desired. It requires the submissive party, to lick the shoes or boots.
booty call
Phone call or other methods of conduct between un related persons, for the purpose of sex only.
boston marriage
Where two women, sans any male help, live together in a relationship, that does not necessarily involve sex.
A person who prefers to be penetrated, rather than doing the penetration.
boy toy
Slang for the younger partner of an older person.
Generally referring to a younger aged male.
brachioproctic eroticism
A more technical term relating to the anal fisting of a male subject.
The permanent and painful marking of a human, generally using hot metal on the flesh, in a specific design or symbol, as is done to livestock by farmers.
breath play
The deprivation of air during sexual role playing games, including choking, hanging, and other such oxygen deprival acts.
Slang term used to denote a heterosexual person, as used by homosexual persons, in either a derogatory sense, or joking manner.
A place where 'johns' can meet and engage prostitutes. A business that offers a more acceptable service, primary intended for 'sex for hire' arrangements.
Males who share a common parent(s), either natural or adopted.
bubble butt
A bubble butt, as referencing one's buttocks.
buddy booth
A portioned booth where one can intereact with another person anonymously, with a barrier in between. No physical contact occurs.
bug chaser
Those who actively seek out others, that are infected with HIV in order to become infected themselves.
Legal crime of where anal intercourse occurs, but ejaculation is not a requirement, for the charge to be laid. Similar to Sodomy Laws.
One person being ejaculated on by several other men.
bust a nut
Slang for when a person strokes or masturbates to the point of ejaculation.
A more 'masculine' or 'dominating' figure in Lesbian society, though also used to describe a macho gay male. Generally a 'top' in both Gay Men and Lesbian community.
butt plug
The cone shaped object, shorter than a dildo, that is inserted into the rectum, for anal stimulation.
butterfly board
A board, used in SM, that has a hole cut out, to allow for the penis and scrotum to be inserted through.
butterfly queen
A slang term for a homosexual whose favourite sex, is engaging in mutual cock sucking.
Common reference to the fleshy part of a human's anatomy, which one sits on.
Used to describe a particular hair styling, in which the hair is trimming extremely close to the scalp.