The ability for a person to actually engage in oral sex with their own penis.



The ability for a person to actually engage in oral sex with their own penis, by being able to insert the penis into their own mouth. Achieving ejaculation is not a requirement, though is the object of the act.

Behavior Science originally considered this ability to be a problem, rather than a method of self satisfaction, sexually.

Noted Male Porn Stars who have shown the ability to perform Autofellatio, include Ron Jeremy, Steve Holmes, Ricky Martinez, Cole Youngblood, and Scott O'Hara.

This ability of some, has led to a sub genre in the pornographic industry.

While Pornographic examples are the most noted, in recent times, it is also been the subject of movies, and comedic skits, given how difficult it is to achieve.

Will Ferrell performed a skit on the popular television series, Saturday Night Live, as someone who joins a yoga class, for the purpose of learning how to be able to suck himself off.


Found in many ancient Egyptian texts, the act of being able to fellate oneself, was believed to be the purview of the Gods and those who followed those particular Gods.

In short, a religious connotation.

David Lortin (noted Egyptologist) claims there is even a poem, detailing how the God Ra managed to orally ejaculate himself, and in spitting the semen into the ground, created the God Shu and Goddess Tefnut.

There are other historical texts, that describe Autofellatio.

One such claim, cites Artemidorus' Oneirocritica.

He lists this as one of three methods of "having relations with oneself".

Artemidorus further seemed to believe that this was an unnatural act and that such dreams of it, portended disaster for the dreamer.

This disaster could take the form of the death of the first born, loss of the mistress, or ending up in poverty.


Not many can actually perform this procedure, sex act.

According to experts (Kinsey and Bartle), less than 1% of males, have the components (ability) 'to achieve this feat.

One needs to be both flexible, as well as being properly endowed with a larger than average penis.

Frontbend is the term used to describe the method of being able to bend forward, to take the penis into the mouth.

This is where the spine and hips are able to curve forward enough.

Alfred Charles Kinsley and Charles Bartle (Biologists) contended that 2 to 3 out of every 1,000 males who could achieve this position to the point of achieving full Autofellatio.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Gravity assisted positions, along with physical training in either' Gymnastics, Yoga, and contortionism, can assist in allowing more males to achieve this ability of self sucking.

The number of males who can achieve the basics isn't huge, the number of those who can actually complete the act, are even smaller, in number.

There is no set penis size, other than it being extra large in length, to determine any set size minimum needed.

The degree of flexibility plays a part in determining that necessary requirement.

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