Versatile position for oral sex, where the Recipient (the one being sucked) is standing, and the Giver (the one doing the sucking) is usually on their knees. Can be performed in any location.



Usually done when both parties are naked, though not necessary for either to be clothing free.

The Recipient can lean against any firm object, such as a wall.

Being naked does afford a bit more fun, as the Giver can have easier access to the genitals, and anus.

The Giver is usually on their knees, while they take hold of the penis, and proceed to orally stimulate the penis. Hands can also be used to help relieve some of the strain on the Giver's jaw.


Common position for Hustlers, to earn a quick $20.

The 'John' usually leans against a wall, while the Hustler unzips and pulls the penis out, to suck on it, as well as to pump it with their hands.

Also known as a quickie.

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