The insertion of the penis into the mouth, immediately following removal from an anus.



The penetration of the anus, by the penis, then the removal and insertion into the mouth of the partner, or another, without cleaning or wiping of the penis. A direct transfer from anus to mouth.


After insertion of the penis into the anus, it is moved in and out a few times, then is quickly removed, and inserted into the mouth of another, or the same partner, and again moved in and out, usually until ejaculation occurs.

In some instances, the anal penetration is done, until the point where the male is near ejaculation, who then removes his penis, to insert into the willing mouth of his partner, or others, to complete his ejaculation.

To facilitate this, no condom is worn, which makes this a 'high risk' sexual activity.

Practice (Associated Acts): Used as a means of establishing one's dominance over another, to penetrate the submissive, raw, and to then remove and insert into the mouth, directly.

It can also be considered to be a humiliating experience, to use the submissive as a means of cleaning one's penis, after intercourse.

Noteworthy: Risks of being infected by sexually transmitted diseases, such as Genital Herpes, and Intestinal Parasites are possible. The recipient can also be at risk for Hepatitis A.

While popularized in Porn Videos, the use of an enema prior to anal intercourse is not proven to reduce any risk of infection or contracting of diseases, but is merely a means to insure no fecal matter is present.

Other meanings

ATM can also refer to an automated teller machine, where people withdraw cash from their accounts.

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