The particular type or style of bondage where the person is made immobile, in a specific fashion, causing disorientation.



To be restrained in a manner that creates a sense of imbalance, of disorientation. The binding of one leg, is a common practice, denying the submissive the ability to feel whole, to feel independent.


Common form of bondage used in Japanese Bondage.

This involves the immobilization that creates a disorientated subject, heightening the sexual dominance of the other. It can be simply the tying of a leg, forcing the submissive to balance themselves on the one foot, distracting their focus, which is supposed to add to the arousal of the dominant.

Primarily, the person is forced to concentrate on their balance, and being bound in this manner, heightens inner fears of falling, adding to their disorientation, as well as their self image. More of a mental method of exerting control.

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