Asian men are men who are from Asia or who are of asian descent.



Men commonly referred to as asian men can either be from some part of Asia or are of asian descent. They generally have certain physical characteristics including black hair or very dark hair, epicanthal folds around the eyes and often have little body hair but since asian men are from a number of different geographic locations, there are many differences between asian men. People from South Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia or who are descended from people from those countries are referred to as asian. Asian men have a unique look that many men and women find sexually appealing.


There are no particular sexual practices associated with asians, however most asian men are uncircumcised which many men find sexually appealing. Asian men have little body hair compared to some other ethnicities and have dark, smooth pubic hair. Some fans of asian men prefer men from a particular country such as Japan, Thailand, China or Korea. There are porn sites that feature asian men and many feature men from a single country. Asian men are sometimes believed to have smaller penises than other men, but this is not actually the case.

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