Sexual attraction of one's underarm, or armpit, that includes sexual reaction, orgasm or is part of one's foreplay ritual, routine.



The region of the human body, directly under the arm, where natural hair is grown, that is also an attraction to some, for its sensitivity, its odor.

Armpit sex is the ability to arouse another from the physical attributes of their underarms.


The armpit is considered to be an erogenous zone, mainly for woman, but males also enjoy the sensation created by attention to the region under the arm, due to its sensitivity.

Use of the mouth, the tongue to lick this region, to kiss it, can be sensual, and such actions are generally done during foreplay. However, it can evolve, to where the one places their penis under the arm, which is held close, to provide a grip to the erect penis.

Motion, similar to intercourse occurs, which leads to further stimulation for one or both of the partners. This can continue for some time, resulting in ejaculation. This particular activity is generally described as 'bagpiping'.

[This practice is also part of 'dry humping' which is simply, the stimulation, ejaculation of one without penetration. This is achieved by rubbing the penis over various body parts, either clothed, or not.]

Lotions and other lubricants can be used, though generally none are. It is also done without use of a condom.

Various attributes create the sexual turn on. It can be the odor, the texture of the skin, or even its proximity to the head. For some it is the presence of the hair, for others the lack of hair.

This is a sensitive area, the mere touch can create a response, that is pleasant and enjoyable. For most, the touch is generally light in force, not overly hard. Use of other devices, such as feathers, silky clothes, can also elicit similar responses.

Shaving routines, for sexual pleasure, can also include the armpit region, as well as the genitals.

Practice (Associated Acts): Shaving, as a form of foreplay can include the Armpits. It is a sensitive region, and care should be taken that sudden movement does not result in injury.

Tickling to make one move uncontrollably is also part of some BDSM role playing games. It is used to create a situation where the submissive is forced to exhibit control, or else face consequences.

Non BDSM tickling is about making the person more sensitive, more aroused.

Noteworthy: Bagpiping is considered part of a 'safer sex' routine, which is becoming more popular due to its non penetrative application, plus many feel as satisfied or close to being as satisfied as if they had full penetrative sex.

Other meanings

To describe a place that is smelly, dirty and simply not desirable. Used to define unsavory locations, such as it is located in the armpit of the world. Meaning, it is not readily visible, and is not where one would like to be. Contrary to those who find a person's armpit sexy, and arousing.

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