An armpit fetish is an erotic attraction to armpits.



People with an armpit fetish have an attraction to armpits. Some find them erotic because they are soft and more sensitive than other parts of the body, and also warmer. Some men and women are attracted to the long, silky hair found only in armpits where others find shaved armpits more erotic. There are also people who find the generally muskier and more pungent odor found mostly in armpits to be sexually attractive.


In male erotic photography and porn, it is not uncommon to see men with an arm raised and their face sensuously turned toward their armpits or even licking or kissing the area for the camera. This has a very intimate feeling to it due to the fact that in general most people rarely display teir armpits deliberately or at all. Armpits are largely covered, either by sleeves or by the arms themselves, so that this body part, generally not considered sexual, is seen less than other human bodyparts that aren't considered erogenous zones. In reality, armpits are often more sensitive than many other parts of the human body and are often more ticklish. Some male armpit fetishists place their penis in the armpit area. Their male or female partner than lowers their arm, adding light pressure to the penis and the penis then moves up and down, simulating intercourse. This is sometimes referred to as armpit fucking.

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