A creative sex position, in which the coupled people, resemble a nice comfortable armchair. The Receiver is on top, with their head resting on the feet of the Giver.



Some strength training might be in order, to fully enjoy this sex position.

The Giver (the one doing the penetration) sits on the bed, with the legs slightly spread apart, but kept in a more or less straight position.

They hold themselves upright, by leaning on their hands, that are spread further apart than their feet, for better support.

The Receiver (the one being penetrated) places their legs up on the firm shoulders of the Giver.

Holding themselves in an upright position, the Receiver places there arms and hands, on either side of the Giver's legs.

One spreads the arms outwards, and leans slightly back, to give their look of being in a partially reclined position.

The Receiver doesn't lean on the feet of the Giver.

The upper body of the Giver is generally in a semi reclined positioned, supported by their own arm strength.

It is important to maintain good communication, during penetration, as well as during the thrusting portion.

Poor communicating of one's needs, or feelings, can lead to injury, as well as to making the coupling, less enjoyable.


This particular sexual position, can be maintained for a long period, assuming that both can get into the proper thrusting rhythm.

However it does take a bit of strength from the Receiver, given how they are supporting their own weight, on their arms.

Improper lubrication, can lead to damage of the rectum or anus, or both.

Alcohol or drugs can reduce the sensitivity and can also lead to injury, without notice, until after the fact.

Clumsy application or poorly executed sexual positions, can also create injury, which is why one should be fully focused, not drunk or stoned, while having anal intercourse. Besides, the orgasm is much more fun, when you can feel every bit of it.

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