The devices used to bind a person's arms in the BDSM culture, specifically within the Bondage sub culture.



These are devices designed to restrict the use of a submissive's hands and entire arms. It is generally made from leather and is laced to cover the entire lower portion of a person's arms, if not the entire length of the arms.


Generally used to restrict movement, the popular use is to bind a person's hands together, at the wrists. Usually a collar is places around the 'submissive' head with a length of leather, or strap, going down their back, to where it is attached to the wrist restraints. Then a leather jacket or sleeve is applied over the restrained hands and arms, usually made of leather.

Spandex and Rubber, as well as ordinary denim, are also used, depending on the taste of the parties involved.

These sleeves are usually fastened together, so that the arms actually touch, even up at the elbows, making for a tight binding.

Care needs to be taken, as risk of dislocating the shoulder is high.

Some methods further involve attaching a strap to the wrist restraints, and then forcing the hands to rest under the crotch, as the strap is attached in front.

Prolonged use of this position can be harmful, hence it is more used for aesthetics than actual sexual play. As a form of arousal or as a form of ritualistic bondage.

Noteworthy: Images of women in a monoglove were shown in passing, during the Madonna video of her song Human Nature.

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