A more athletic position, in which the Receiver performs a bridge (more of a wrestling move), while the Giver is in a kneeling position, for penetration.



Sex manuals, describing the art of sex, date back as far as the 2600 BC era, and generally are from Asia.

Western Culture seemed to frown on such manuals, generally reserving the discussion of sex, to be in clinical terms, or for research.

Many so called modern sex manuals, detailing sexual activity, was written in Latin, so as to further make them inaccessible to the lay person.


For those who are limber, and nimble.

The first step, is for the Receiver (the person being penetrated) to perform a sort of bridge type move, to where the legs are flat on the surface.

The legs are upwards, spread far apart.

With the neck and shoulders resting on the firm support (usually a bed) the Receiver then lifts up their lower body, to allow the Giver a perfect view and guide.

Moving inwards, close, the Giver (the one doing the penetrating) moves into a kneeling position.

This allows them better access and angle to entry.

It may be necessary for the Giver to adjust the upwards angle, to achieve penetration, or even lean backwards more, to achieve entry.

Ideal for those Giver's, that have an upward curved penis.

Changing the angle of how the upper body is set, towards the giver, can aid in the angle of penetration.

A pillow should be used, under the Receiver's head to ease the strain.

This sex position can be uncomfortable, though is relatively simple to get into.

In addition to providing an interesting angle of entry, it allows the Giver full access to the genitals of the receiver, for added manual stimulation.

(in short, a bit of a hand job, while doing the nasty.)


Use of a Strap On Dildo, allow most heterosexual sex positions, to be easily performed within Lesbian relationships.

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