The inflicting of pain to the rectum, for the purposes of deriving sexual pleasure, arousal.



To achieve sexual pleasure in receiving pain through the abuse of the rectal area, or of gaining sexual pleasure from administrating such pain to a submissive, in their rectal area.


History (Legend): It is believed that King Edward II was murdered by the use of a hot poker shoved up into his rectum. There is no evidence of its truth, though the lack of any marks on his outer body tends to lead credence to the story, mainly as most believe he was a Homosexual, and his murder was in revolt of his homosexuality.


WARNING: Excessive force or the use of some devices can cause harm to the sensitive linings of the anus, that can be permanent or require medical treatment.

The insertion of items considered too large for the rectum, or devices that are heated or cooled to abnormal temperatures, are used to inflict a sensation of pain into the rectal region of the submissive.

This pain can be sexually arousing to the submissive or the dominant, and varies to degrees, based on the consensual agreement between the participating parties.

The inner linings are sensitive tissues, thus use of hot and cold is considered to be an ideal means of enhancing the experience. The temperatures are above/below room temperature. It is the shock effect, and the force of application that regulates the pleasure/pain combination. Size also plays a factor.

Anal Torture can involve extreme stretching of the muscle surround the anus, can include using several different insertion toys, at one time, extreme fisting, fingering, and other such measures.

Noteworthy: Also a title for a hardcore sex video, released in 1994 by Max Hardcore.

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