Achieving an orgasm strictly from the stimulation of the anus, and surrounding nerves.



Reaching a heightened state of pleasure, by the stimulation of the anus, the surrounding muscles but not to be confused with Prostrate Orgasm.

Anal Orgasm can involve the use of toys, objects including a finger to stimulate the anus region. Rimming is also considered to be a method of reaching anal orgasm, by the stimulation of the surrounding muscles and anus, sphincter through oral means.


The use of various methods to stimulate the rectal region, to the point of where the recipient achieves an orgasm can involve the use of fingers being inserted into the rectum in rapid succession.

It can involve the oral method of rimming, where the mouth, lips, and tongue are used to stimulate the anus, and surrounding sensitive areas.

Mild use of sex toys or vibrators in and around the anus can also help achieve an anal orgasm. The orgasm does not necessary require the recipient to ejaculate, but does simulate the full orgasm features of constricted muscles, rapid heart beat, breathing, and increased blood pressure rates.

Mild bondage such as the use of restraints during anal sex play, are also associated with a person achieving an anal orgasm. Though not necessary, the restraint can tend to heighten the experience once gains from having their rectal region probed, and penetrated.

Penis stimulation along with anal stimulation are considered part of the process, though penis stimulation is not required, in some cases, for males to experience an orgasm.

Noteworthy: Some males claim that the combination of anal stimulation along with penis stimulation increases the intensity of their orgasm. Some even claim it adds to the length of the orgasm.

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