A string of round objects, varying sizes, inserted into the rectum, then removed at different speeds, to enhance an orgasm.



Anal Beads are a sex toy, generally made from semi rigid plastics, that are of different sizes, and number attached to a long string. One end of the 'string' will have a ring attached, for easy removal, as well as to prevent accidentally insertion of the entire toy.

They are called beads, for their resemblance to a string of pearls, or similar necklaces.

Some contain several different sized orbs, others have fewer in number, some are of the same size as well.

Any insertion of items into the rectum should be properly lubricated prior to use.

Cleaning after and prior to use are also highly recommended.


Both the rectum and 'beads' should be well lubricated with a liquid that is intended for sexual use. There is no 'self lubrication' in the rectum, so a good helping of lube is needed, sometimes during the use, not just prior. There are lots of good water soluble lubes designed for such Sex Toys.

Prior to use, these 'beads' should be washed in warm soapy water, left to dry on their own. In addition, it is considered risky to share such toys between partners, as some of the material used, such as the string, can't be fully sterilized after each use.

There is a risk of transmission of disease, such as hepatitis.

Prior to insertion, count the number of beads attached, to insure that all are removed later. Don't guess, know.

The lining within the rectum is subject to tearing, which is dangerous. Insure that prior to use that the beads are smooth, that no sharp ends exist. This is commonly found on the more inexpensive quality of beads.

Use a nail file to remove any sharp ends. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Once the rectum and the implement is well lubricated, insertion should be done slowly, as it is not just for safety, but for pleasure. It is the various nerve endings around the sphincter that help generate some intense pleasure responses, so slow insertion is a benefit.

Once inserted, movement of the buttocks helps to settle them inside, to be felt as well. Additional toys can be used, to further help stimulate the person, such as caressing of the cock root, use of a vibrator against the 'bead ring', all help in improving the internal stimulation.

Removal of the beads is one of personal choice. That meaning at what speed the string of orbs are removed, as well as when. Most are done immediately during the other's ejaculation, to help enhance that person's orgasm.

The speed of removal is about the pleasure and its intensity. The faster, the more wave like or constant sensation a person will receive, the slower the removal, the more enduring, more intense the sensation will be.

Risk of tearing of the rectum lining increases with the increased speed of removal. Care should be exercised, so that any removal is done not just in concert with the wishes of the recipient, but for safety.

Practice (Associated Acts): There are several 'types' of beads. Some are less rigid, more pliable, that are good for beginners. These are generally 'jelly rubber' that are soft to the touch, even squeezable.

The more solid kind, are generally made from Silicon, add the benefit of warming to the body faster, as well as being easier to keep clean and sterile.

Connection of the various 'beads' can be by rubber, such as in dildo's, or string, or other material. Examining the bead connecting material should be done before each use, to insure there are no breaks, or weakness that might cause a break, leaving a portion within the rectum.

Noteworthy: While use of 'anal beads' is mostly found in heterosexual sex play, it is well used in many Fetish sex games among males. Spanking with a string of beads inserted is considered such a 'fetish use' by gays.

It is also popular for those masturbating alone.

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