The sexual attraction a person feels towards someone who has an amputation of a limb.



Two fold meaning.

In that in one case,(acrotomophilia) it is the attraction of a normal healthy male to a person who has a limb(s) removed. This comes close to meaning of Abasiophilia, but is specific in relation to the person actually not having a limb.

The other meaning (amelotatism) is where one wishes to actually be an amputee, in that they feel incomplete or somehow damaged. To some extend, they will seek to actually have a limb removed, even though it is healthy.


'acrotomophilia' from the Greek 'akron' (extremity) 'tomein' (to cut) and 'philein' (to love)


To pursue a person, in reality, or in fantasy, who is an amputee, and to engage in otherwise normal sexual acts with that person. In some instances, the person would normally be considered attractive, but due to circumstances have suffered a loss of limb, which to those who are into this, heightens their attraction.

This can be a form of fantasy, or role playing, and does involve acting out the part by the partner. There are several groups dedicated to this fetishism, and they have their own code, abbreviations.

Within the Internet Fetish Community, ES is a standard practice, which is the electronic alteration of normal people, so they simulate an amputee.

This primarily is the digital alteration of pictures, used for specific fetish sites catering to this particular sexual desire.

Some are into specific amputations, and have developed a code system, for identification of like minded persons.

AK = above knee

AE = above elbow

BK = below knee

BE = below elbow

The addition of either an "L" or "R" indicates 'left for L, right for R'.

There is a small group, that are attracted to those who have had an eye removed, as well.

Practice (Associated Acts): To seek out those who are disabled, but not necessarily due to amputation or loss of limbs. This can include being attracted, sexually aroused, by those in braces, who require assistance in walking, or are otherwise immobilized, incapacitated.

Noteworthy: Devotees of this, include those attracted, sexually aroused, by the actual amputation process, not just a person who has undergone such a procedure.

This can be acted out in some instances, with a willing partner. This can involve one simulating doing the operation, or of having it done to them.

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