gay amateurs having sex or maturbating in front of the camera who have no prior experience in porn.



Men and women who masturbate or have sex in front of a camera for non-personal use for the first time are considered amateurs. There is a large audience who prefer to see regular everyday people rather than porn actors or semi-pros in action so there are many websites that have, or claim to have, . A lot of websites and videos consider models amateurs for several times beyond their first times and there are some web amateur sites run by people who consider themselves amateurs, yet have been featured in their own sites for years.


There is a certain amount of controversy over what constitutes an amateur in porn. Some believe that amateur porn is homemade and so real amateurs shoot video and pics themselves or have friends or lovers man the cameras. Others consider that genuine amateurs do not appear in porn for financial gain but only for personal pleasure but there's no real way to know this. Many consider people to be amateurs their first several times they appear in porn or nude pics or videos.

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