The specific care of a submissive after a BDSM session of role playing, or sexual play.



In some respects, similar to aftercare in a medical sense. However, it goes a bit further, as it applies to the BDSM culture. This is where emotional, as well as physical support is given to the submissive following a BDSM session.


There is the physical aspect, where the dominant will insure that all wounds are cleaned, disinfected and properly bandaged, if need be. This is to insure the safety of all parties, however it also can involve general cleaning.

Proper techniques to clean any foreign matter from the rectum, such as the use of various lubricants can require aid, and cannot be done by the submissive on their own.

In addition, sessions can be intense to where an emotional upheaval can occur, so in contrast, the dominant becomes a supportive figure, less authoritarian. This can help to re enforce the emotional bond between the submissive and dominant partners.

Some cases will require reassurances, both in words and actions. A more tender, loving type approach might be required, for reassurance purposes, as sessions can be most intense, emotionally as well as physically.

In some instances, a sort of review happens as well, where the parties discuss the events and what each got from them. To sort of add to their bonding, but also as a form of reassurance.

There is always a risk that the actions taken may have damaged the safety or feeling of safety that might exist between the two, and a review can help allay those fears, though not always.

It can, if honestly performed, help to insure that only consensual activities are continued, and that those features that might be crossing the line are dropped from future routines.

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