Penetration with a bit of flexibility, where both parties are on their backside, with the Receiver in a more twisted prone position.



The Giver (the one doing the penetrating) lays flat on their back, on a flat surface, such as a bed.

Their legs are spread slightly apart, allowing for the penis to be easily accessible by the Receiver.

The Receiver (the one being penetrated) positions themselves, over the Giver, with their back towards the head of the Giver. They place their knees down on either side, with the feet and lower legs aimed towards the head of the Giver.

It is recommended that the Giver help to guide the penis towards the Receiver, as the Receiver leans in a backwards motion,

Upon penetration, the Receiver should be fully prone, on top of the Giver. They usually place their arms under the neck of the Giver, to help support the neck.

The Giver is then able to rock in unison, with the receiver, to give the needed stimulus for intercourse. The stroking action is generally controlled by the Giver, when in this position.

The hands of the Giver can also be used to guide the hips of the Receiver, as well as to fondle the front genitals of the Receiver.

NOTE: the Giver will be carrying all of the weight of the Receiver, so this is not a position for mis-matched partners, where the Receiver greatly outweighs the Giver.

Practice (Associated Acts):

This position is considered a variation of the Rodeo Sex Position, which is also a variation on another sex position.


When Men receive anal penetration, it is believed that the rubbing of the prostate gland, by the penis, increases the pleasure response of the receiver.

The Prostate Gland is known as the Male G Spot, or the A-Spot.

If the penis of the Giver curves in a downward position, this could be a troublesome position.

On the other hand, an upward curved penis could help facilitate the pleasure, as well as ease of penetration.

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