being aroused by the application or coming into forced contact with rough substances and/or materials, without breaking the skin.



Mostly used in BDSM role playing, this is the arousal of one or both parties where one is subjected to the application of rough objects across the skin, such as steel wool, thistles, and other objects that provide a sensation of scratching the skin.


Generally the 'submissive' is restrained, while the 'dominant' will subject them to abrasive materials, for which one or both become further aroused.

The application can be varied, as can the location of such abrasive materials. Generally it is done in a manner so as to not break the skin, however in such event disinfection is important.

Various articles are used in such role playing. This can be from household items such as steel wool, sandpaper, or other rough surfaced items. It can also include various leaves, or sticks with rough surfaces.

Noteworthy: Any breaking of the skin should be treated with disinfectant, and covered for protection. Permanent scarring can occur if left untreated, depending on the item used to create the broken skin.

Other meanings

The flogging with nettles was a folk remedy for rheumatism, which caused an inflammation of the area being flogged, pricked by the nettles. This was to create the inflammation or rash, to supposedly provide relief of rheumatism, no matter how temporary that relief was.

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