The Abstinence, be Faithful, use a Condom strategy of Sex Educators, that encompasses all aspects of safer sex education among teens.



While not embraced by the Conservative or Religious Right movement, many Educators promote this system of incorporating all aspects required in reducing the risk of infection, as well as pregnancy, among teens.


To provide education, in that while Abstinence is considered the safest form of protecting one's self from infection of sexually transmitted disease, it also discusses the other related terms, needed to keep one safe, at all times.

This includes the education of being faithful, of not cheating or that if one does stray, that there is dialogue between the partners, so that risk of possible infection can be mitigated.

Using Condoms is the approach that it is better than nothing, but that it isn't a simple matter of rolling a plastic condom down one's penis. That there are various lubricants that can make using the condom, ineffective.

In addition, it is the education of the types of barriers, or condoms, available, both for women and men. It also is about using the right 'tool' for the job, so that using a vaginal condom, is not as effective is used anally.

Noteworthy: Some groups argue that this is a bone thrown to appease the anti abstinence groups, and to appease the Conservative Groups, who believe in only Abstinence. The argument claims such a program is not truly effective, as a strategy, as the priority is disproportionately given to abstinence only.

Other meanings

Used by some Politicians as cover, for insuring that aid tied to proper education, isn't appearing as being slanted.

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