The sexual attraction to those who have mobility issues, such as those wearing braces.



The mental and physical attraction to those wearing various braces, due to limited mobility. Mostly found in adults above the age of 40. It is the attraction to the disabled, in that the disability becomes an attraction, rather than a detriment.


Most notably noticed in those over the age of 40. Not common among those under, due to the lowered rate of people afflicted with illnesses that required braces or such.

There is evidence from early times of the attraction to people with disabilities, to where some fantasy about being disabled themselves. It began to appear in various works of erotic and literature in the 1920's, then again in the 1940 - 1960's.


Practice (Associated Acts): There are some who pretend to be disabled, in order to appear more attractive, in their eyes, or those of their like minded associates. This can include the wearing of braces, such as leg, spine, or neck braces, to induce the fantasy of being disabled.

Wheelchairs and crutches, along with braces, can stimulate and/or trigger the emotional response by many who are so attracted. It can also be used to trigger / elicit responses in others who are so minded.

Noteworthy: It is thought, that this attraction grew during the period when Polio was rampant in society, and it was normal for children to see other's in various braces, creating a mental trigger, that made them attracted to them. It was thought this attracted developed prior to puberty even.

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