a spot
The male equivalent of the G Spot, found in the vagina for woman.
The sexual attraction to those who have mobility issues, such as those wearing braces.
abc strategy
The Abstinence, be Faithful, use a Condom strategy of Sex Educators, that encompasses all aspects of safer sex education among teens.
being aroused by the application or coming into forced contact with rough substances and/or materials, without breaking the skin.
accident prone
Term used mainly in personal ads, indicating that they are someone who enjoys public incontinence.
accidental homosexuality
Where one will engage in homosexual sex due to the absence, or inability to find a partner.
Penetration with a bit of flexibility, where both parties are on their backside, with the Receiver in a more twisted prone position.
A sexual attraction to those with an amputation, the arousal by those individuals who are missing body parts.
act of union
The joining of two people sexually.
Consensual sex between two people, where at least one is currently married with someone different, than the one they engage in sex, with.
The specific care of a submissive after a BDSM session of role playing, or sexual play.
The sexual attraction, desire to have sex with, inanimate objects such as dolls and/or statues that resemble humans or even animals.
age play
The playing of a role, determined by age. Such as playing the age of a teenage son, even though the performer is long past being a teenager.
agony aunt
An advice column in a newspaper, dealing with various emotional problems, submitted by readers.
Being sexually aroused by pain, applied to the erogenous zones specifically, such as the genitals.
alternative lifestyle
A form of living, that is not considered within the mainstream of accepted practices, or understood practices. A social stigma of living differently, than what is believed to be normal.
gay amateurs having sex or maturbating in front of the camera who have no prior experience in porn.
A rod inserted horizontally into the 'glans penis', meaning the head of the penis.
amputee fetishism
The sexual attraction a person feels towards someone who has an amputation of a limb.
amyl nitrate
An original chemical compound, that when opened, created a vapour, that stimulated one's heart rate, and breathing rate.
anal beads
A string of round objects, varying sizes, inserted into the rectum, then removed at different speeds, to enhance an orgasm.
anal bleaching
The actual 'bleaching' of the skin around the anus, for those with light colored skin.
anal jewelry
Jewelry worn on the outside of the rectum, for show, cosmetic purposes only.
anal orgasm
Achieving an orgasm strictly from the stimulation of the anus, and surrounding nerves.
anal sex
Anal sex is the penetration of a person's rectum by a penis.
anal torture
The inflicting of pain to the rectum, for the purposes of deriving sexual pleasure, arousal.
anal toys
Usually long objects, made of rubber or other pliable substance, that is used to penetrate the rectum of another, for sexual stimulation, pleasure.
anal violin
An ancient sex toy, that simulated the playing of a violin.
anal wink
The motion of the muscles, skin, around the external sphincter muscle, when stimulated.
Oral sex performed on the anus.
Where one is attracted to women who act as males, or appear as males, despite being a woman. They imitate the traits characteristic of a man, which is the attraction.
A sexual attraction to men who are between the ages of 20 and 50, though not a hard rule.
anesthesia fetishm
A sexual fetish, based on either the act of being anaesthetized, of performing it on another.
angry dragon
Making a person blow cum from their nose.
animal play
Where a submissive will dress, act, like a chosen animal, such as a pony, cow, dog, etc. Not to be confused with Furries.
ankle and wrist stocks
The devices used to immobilize a person by restraining their limbs, specifically the wrists and ankles.
those who do not identify their sexual orientation or preferences, but remain open
The opening in the rectum, where fecal matter is expelled from, and a sexual zone for many.
anvil stroke
The right way to jack off, using both hands, and making a hand job become interesting and pleasurable.
A vertical piercing of the cock head.
An agent that is used to stimulate one's sexual urges, desires, usually chemical in nature, or to improve one's attractiveness.
A sexual arousal in being an amputee, in fantasizing to have the loss of a limb. Can go to the extreme, of actually attempting to become an amputee.
A sexual fetish, involving an arousal based on people in swim attire, in the water, which can include having sexual activity in the water.
arab men
Those who have a preference for males of Arabic or Middle Eastern descent.
A more athletic position, in which the Receiver performs a bridge (more of a wrestling move), while the Giver is in a kneeling position, for penetration.
The devices used to bind a person's arms in the BDSM culture, specifically within the Bondage sub culture.
A creative sex position, in which the coupled people, resemble a nice comfortable armchair. The Receiver is on top, with their head resting on the feet of the Giver.
armpit fetish
An armpit fetish is an erotic attraction to armpits.
armpit sex
Sexual attraction of one's underarm, or armpit, that includes sexual reaction, orgasm or is part of one's foreplay ritual, routine.
Generally a British Slang term for one's buttocks.
asian men
Asian men are men who are from Asia or who are of asian descent.
Where one achieves orgasm, by deliberately cutting off their own air supply. Also known as 'Breath Play' or 'Erotic Asphyxiation'.
ass play
gay Ass play refers to the sexual insertion of fingers, fist or toys into the anus.
asshole bandit
Someone who performs anal oral sex, but is also aroused more by the buttocks than other body parts.
assymetric bondage
The particular type or style of bondage where the person is made immobile, in a specific fashion, causing disorientation.
Where one takes on the role of being like an animal, most commonly a dog, or pony. They assume certain 'animal' characteristics, & are usually the bottom or submissive partner.
The insertion of the penis into the mouth, immediately following removal from an anus.
atten hut
Versatile position for oral sex, where the Recipient (the one being sucked) is standing, and the Giver (the one doing the sucking) is usually on their knees. Can be performed in any location.
The sexual arousal of some, by their putting themselves into danger, in which their actual life is at risk.
Self stimulation without the help of another person.
The ability for a person to actually engage in oral sex with their own penis.
Where a male fantasizes about himself being a female, becoming sexually stimulated under that fantasy.
avs or aen
Adult verification, adult entertainment sites, where you pay to access several sites under that particular services membership plan, network.