A popular group of sex positions, known as a Sixty Nine, in which the object is for mutual oral stimulation.



There are several variations, from the classic, to the more challenging standing variation of both sucking cock.


Forced fellatio, is commonly known as Egyptian Rape or just plain Egyptian.

It is believed this phrase came about during the time of the Crusades, when Mamluks (slave soldiers of the Caliphs, who had converted to Islam) would force their Christian Captives to perform oral sex on them.


The original position, involves one person being prone on a flat surface, such as a bed.

Out of consideration to the other partner, the prone partner is generally the heavier of the two.

The other partner kneels over the prone partner, their hands on either side of the bottom's thighs.

They place their knees besides the shoulders of the prone partner, allowing for easy access to their own genitals (penis, scrotum).

Usually a back and forth rocking motion is involved, as the two parties engage in providing oral gratification to each other.


The "Inverted 69" position is a straight sex position. Generally it refers to where the male is on top, the female on the bottom, as in a standard heterosexual 69 position, it is the male on the bottom, due to weight considerations.

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