An oral sex position, in which the giver is on the bottom, and the receiver is on top.



Not quite a Sixty Nine, but close, especially in the sideways position.

This position allows for either rimming action or/and in oral stimulation.


Oral Sex has never been a totally accepted practice, given the religious viewpoint, of sex being solely for the purpose of procreation.

Pre Christian Roman Times looked on Oral sex, as more about submission and control. Given the Latin meanings, it was considered wrong for a Male Citizen to perform oral sex, as they were under control of another.

On the other hand, it was okay for a Male Citizen to have a woman perform oral sex, or a slave (male or female) as it showed that the male was in control and the giver was submitting to the Receiver.

Early Romans perceived Oral Sex to be worse than Anal sex.

Their perception was that the genitals were dirty, and led to a foul breath.

It was also considered a public health risk.


In the classic "68 Position" the Giver (the one doing all the work), is flat on their back.

A firm pillow or such should be placed under the neck of the Giver, so as to ease any neck strain, that this position can cause.

The Receiver (the person getting all the attention) lays on top, in the opposite direction of the Giver.

With the Receiver's head between the legs of the giver and their own legs straddling the head of the Giver, this position affords the opportunity to perform both oral sex (cock sucking, ball sucking) as well as some rimming action.

While in this position, the Giver is also able to use their hands, to caress and massage the inner thighs, or other body parts.

Actually it affords both to use their hands.

Keep in mind, this may not be a comfortable position for the Giver, if the Receiver is considerably heavier in weight.

By adjusting the legs, usually placing the feet flat down, with the knees extended in an upwards position, will allow for easy access to the genitals and rectum of the Receiver.

Spreading the Receiver's legs further apart, can also help allow for easier access to the rectum and genitals.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Similar in positioning of the bodies, a Sixty Eight Sideways, is where both parties face each other, on their sides, head to toe.

The Giver will be facing the Receiver's lower body, the Receiver will be facing the Giver's lower body region.

Unlike a classic Sixty Nine, the Receiver is not required to participate in any stimulation of the Giver, but is to relax, enjoying the attention, and stimulation being provided by their partner.

This does not preclude the Receiver from providing verbal sounds, or in giving some caressing attention, to the Giver.

Generally, this position does not allow for much anal action, however anal stimulation can still be accomplished, by use of the finger while providing the oral stimulation of the penis.

Basically this position is about sucking and affords an intimate connection between the two partners.


Simple oral sex, is not exclusive to Humans.

Primates, Hyenas, Goats, and Sheep have been documented as also engaging in just simple oral sex activity.

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