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One of the funny things about gay porn is that you run into all kinds of people. Some guys are just dirty for sex and get right into it. Others feel the need to claim that it's their first time doing it with another guy. Still others claim to be exclusive tops, but suddenly you find their legs in the air and they've got an itch that needs to be scratched bad. Why all the pretense? Just dive in and have a good time, who cares what it is that turns your crank.

Aiden is one of those guys claiming that he's never had sex with a guy before and he's doing it for the first time on Southern Strokes. But when you watch his video it sure doesn't look like he's fumbling his way through a first-time experience. Aiden is a hot guy and he oozes sex. He's 6'2", lean, has a tattoo running across his chest, and he's packing an 8-inch cock. It's pretty obvious from the start of this video that Aiden is really into his scene partner Tyler. Aiden and Tyler start off kissing and Tyler didn't take too long before he was deep-throating Aiden's cock.

This got Aiden pretty turned on and he pulls down Tyler's pants and started nursing on Tyler's huge cock. Aiden's cock is rock hard while he's blowing Tyler so he suggests Tyler jump on board. Tyler has no qualms about liking sex with boys, so he rode Aiden like a bronco.

Aiden takes over and fucks Tyler on all fours and on his back. Lying on his back, Tyler was feeling the full thrusting of Aiden's cock, and he finally unleashed a huge stream of spunk all over his chest and belly. Then, while Aiden is getting his butt hole rimmed and fingered, he leans over and licks Tyler's cum off his belly and sucks the rest off Tyler's cock. Tyler thanks his buddy by taking Aiden's cum load in his mouth. That was a pretty hot session for a first-timer, but I'm betting we're going to see more of this hottie on Southern Strokes.

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