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Next Door Buddies starts off a brand new week with some fresh meat. Shane Erickson is 23 years old, stands 6'4', and has sexy blue eyes. Philippe Delvaux is shorter and younger, standing 5'10" and just 19 years old. Philippe wakes Shane up with some breakfast in bed -- a fruit tray that he spreads all over Shane's hot body. Philippe rubs an orange slice all over Shane's nipples and then cleans them up with his tongue. I won't tell you how he gets down to Shane's cock, but it ends up in Philippe's mouth, too. These two horny guys take turns sucking one another's cocks before ending up tangled in a 69 cock sucking session. Shane lies back on the bed and Philippe mounts him, making one very stiff cock disappear up his tight, shaved butt hole. Shane enjoys being serviced this way, but eventually he wants to do some hard and fast plowing, so he puts his buddy on his back, hoists his legs, and fucks Philippe's ass with enthusiasm. With a stiff cock buried in his ass, Philippe shoots all over his smooth belly. This sends Shane over the edge and he coats his buddy's belly with a watery load, too!

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