Will Braun's First Time Bottoming Will Braun's First Time Bottoming

Will Braun chose Christian Wilde as the man who would top him for the first time. In the pre-sex interview in this MEN.com scene Will says that he didn't want to bottom for someone just like him. He admits that he's been admiring Wilde from afar. Wilde is taller and heavily inked, two things that turn Braun on, and he liked the idea of being submissive to a dominant, masculine guy.

Before they got down to the sex, Will Braun did a short interview by himself talking about why it had taken him so long to decide to bottom and how he felt about it. "I had never done it before," he begins. "I feel like in a way it's giving up a part of yourself and especially in front of the camera." Will doesn't come across as he's reciting lines, he's authentic and he nervously bites his lip while he thinks about what he wants to say next. "It's an easy way for people to see you differently and change their perception of you," he says. "And that's a big change to go through all at once," he finishes.

Braun talks about his preconceived notions that bottoming is more feminine and he was uneasy about giving up his masculinity on camera. But then he goes on to explain that he eventually came to the understanding that no one has to play a masculine or feminine role during sex and it's just two men enjoying each other, one fucking and the other getting fucked. I think Will's initial interview is important because it addresses the bottom shaming that we do as a community. Braun's journey to bottoming didn't come easily or without a lot of thought, and he had to shed those notions many of us have that getting fucked is degrading or makes us less than or less of a man. And hearing all of that from Will made that moment when Wilde first enters Will genuine and all the more exciting. I think this is probably one of the best Top to Bottom scenes I've seen.

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