A couple a weeks ago I wrote about Fierce and Mark sucking each other off. And this week they're back again for a hot fuck scene. In that first scene, Mark was wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap, so we never really did get to see much of him, except he did have a well-muscled body and a big cock. In this video clip, Mark is wearing a mask. It would appear that someone doesn't want anyone to know he likes sucking dick and fucking boy butt. That's okay, masks can be hot and kinky. Fierce starts off stroking his cock on the couch alone, all of a sudden a mask man comes into the room. He sneaks up behind Fierce and covers his eyes. When Fierce is able to see again, he has a stiff cock in his mouth, and there's a hot bodied guy pumping his face. Now I don't know about you, but this totally turns me on. It's pretty hot thinking about some unknown masked man walking into your apartment and making you suck his cock, sans violence of course. After getting sucked, the masked man bends Fierce over and slides his cock into his ass. The man pounds Fierce's hungry butt hole in every conceivable positions, slamming harder and faster with each move. Then, the masked man stands up and spays Fierce from head to toe with his cum. Fierce is so turned on, that he can't hold back and explodes.

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