When a Porn Bad Boy Does Something Really Bad When a Porn Bad Boy Does Something Really Bad

Over the weekend, Sebastian Young was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. This isn't Young's first stint in jail, so it's hardly a shocker. What is surprising is that he was booked and released, he'll be arraigned later this month, and until then, he's still allowed to have contact with his girlfriend. Good grief. So what's a porn fan to do when one of his favorite porn bad boys does something really bad?

The police report filed in Ormond Beach, Florida on September 4 says that Joshua Noles (Young's real name) was asked by his girlfriend to leave their residence when she suspected he was high on methamphetamine. Noles not only allegedly hit her, but smashed through the bathroom door where his girlfriend was seeking shelter, then continued beating her with his hands until she fell unconscious. Noles has been charged with battery.

Late last year, Johnny Rapid, whose real name is Hylan Taylor, was also charged with battery for allegedly hitting and choking his girlfriend. Early last month, Trent Ferris was arrested on a fugitive from justice warrant and he was extradited back to Missouri to face charges. These types of incidents are so commonplace that they cease to surprise us anymore.

I liked Sebastian Young, he was a rough and gruff top who doles out punishing fucks to eager bottoms. I didn't mind that he was gay-for-pay because, unlike Cody Cummings, Young didn't have a long list of things that he wouldn't do on camera. He even got fucked by Jarec Wentworth in one of MEN.com's Top to Bottom scenes. (Wentworth himself has just come through a long and well-publicized extortion trial.) I enjoyed watching Young ravage a bottom like Horus Sweet who tries touching his cock in the shower scene featured here. It's an exciting session as Young first pushes Sweet to his knees, gags him on his big dick, then fucks him in the shower. But now what?

Possession of drugs, car theft, break and enter aren't heinous crimes, and plenty of our favorite porn performers have been arrested on such charges, but battery is different -- hitting your partner is abhorrent. I doubt I can pop a bone watching Young screw some guy's ass knowing that he allegedly beat his girlfriend unconscious. Could you? Should Pornland just slam the door on Sebastian Young and others charged with domestic abuse?

It seems not. After a couple of months on hiatus, Johnny Rapid was back filming for MEN.com. There were some protests, but it hasn't seemed to affect his career or his popularity, and well, there's money to be made, don't you know. Hell, a couple of weeks ago, I blogged about his bareback debut with Juicy Boys, and I realize now that I had totally forgotten about his battery charges. Did I misstep?

Director Nica Noelle is regularly lambasted for allegedly making her performers work long hours under bad conditions (see comments in the post), but a guy allegedly beats his girlfriend and Pornland scarcely blinks before he's back to work. That seems pretty fucked up, don't you think?

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