What's a Thief Doing with a Knapsack Full of Dildos? What's a Thief Doing with a Knapsack Full of Dildos?

It used to be that fisting and huge dildo scenes came at the end of a porn star's career -- when a performer started taking giant things up his butt, retirement was just around the corner. But Brian Bonds established himself as an extreme ass pig long before Falcon Studio Group finally around to signing him to an exclusive contract. And in their new release called "Guard Patrol," Raging Stallion gets Mitch Vaughn to show us just how much Bonds can take up his ass.

I remember watching an interview with Brian Bonds over at Club Inferno where he talked about how he got into fisting. "I liked trying to stick things in my butt," he says with a devilish grin. "And eventually I liked sticking big things up my butt," he adds. Then one day he invited over a fuck buddy who had small hands and Bonds enlisted his help and had his first handballing experience. He's appeared in nine scenes for the site.

Now, there's no real fisting in "Guard Patrol," but look at the size of some of those dildos, are we going to mince words? Brian Bonds has broken into a warehouse. I'm not sure if he was actually going to steal anything or whether he was looking for someplace different to get into some deep bum fun. But when security guard Mitch Vaughn finally jumps Brian and opens the thief's knapsack, it's full of giant dildos. So rather than arresting Bonds, Vaughn bends him over and spanks his ass, then stuffs it with both dildos and his own cock. It's been a while since I've seen Mitch Vaughn, I had forgetten what a sprayer he was -- like a hose, baby -- he almost puts out one of Brian's eyes.

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