Car Wash Horseplay

Washing your car on a hot afternoon can be a great way to enjoy the sun and still get some of your chores done. Spencer asks his buddy Quinn over to hose down his car and have a few beers together. The guys strip out of their clothes and right down to their skimpy shorts. Spencer is wearing a tight-fitting bathing suit that hugs his beautiful ass and shows off a nice bulge. Quinn has crammed his formidable bubble butt into a pair of tight shorts. Eventually those shorts come off, and when Spencer's stiffening cock swings temptingly close to Quinn's face, Quinn can't help but wrap his mouth around Spencer's big cock! Right there is the driveway the guys start swapping blowjobs. Spencer even bends down for a taste of his friend's juicy bubble butt! It's a wet and wild car wash and one of these muscular studs is going to end up with a face full of spunk! Which one? Head over to Next Door Buddies and check out the free previews.

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