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I have the best job in the world. Every morning I wake up, jump in the shower, make a coffee, and then settle in and check to see what hot naked men popped up on the Web over night. Sometimes I have to hunt a bit, but not this morning. I hit Sean Cody and found Grant, a well-hung muscle jock with a huge cock that's worthy of a long, slow blowjob. What a way to start the day!

Grant is a full-time college student and he loves basketball. Looking at his strong and solid muscular body, one might expect that he'd be a football player, but basketball is his first love and he plays on his college's team.

Grant says that he used to be very skinny. But he's proof that skinny guys can evolve into hot muscle jocks with bulging pecs and ripped abs. I love Grant's chest, especially his silver-dollar sized nipples. He's got a sexy patch of fur on his chest and another crawling up his ripped abs. And he's got a beautiful dick. I love how his plump cock head swells when his dick is really hard. He was a little shy at first when he had to shed his clothes, but Sean Cody put him at ease, and then, just like any guy jerking his cock, he really got into showing off and pumping his meat.

I don't need a second cup of coffee this morning, after checking out this Sean Cody muscle jock, I'm raring to go.

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