For those of us who missed Cooker the first time around, I'm sure most of can be thankful that he's back. With a double-fisted-plus 9 inch cock, this boy can cum around any time! Look at that thing, it was made to fuck holes! And from what I hear, Cooker is willing to accommodate any willing receiver. How about that?! EXTRA BIG DICKS take us on a little tour of this long-horned young man stroking his pride and joy for all to see. How nice of them I must say.


I wasn't kidding when I said double-fisted-plus. Even with both his hands clamped around his massive tool, Cooker still has plenty more peaking out from atop his hand. Now that's a cock! What I really like about it is it isn't too thick. A piece like this can be devoured without a problem if you open up that hungry throat wide enough.


Who's the king of the castle?! Well right now that would be Cooker with his engorged high tower as he sits on the back of the couch waiting for any starving cocksmiths. I can't help myself when I get the urge to jump through my monitor and take a young throbbing fuck stick like this guy's.


His balls look quite full from this angle. I bet his cum tastes fantastic! Someone should be there to help coax his huge fountain to erupt. Hot, salty man-lava would be pretty nice right about now. EXTRA BIG DICKS sure know how to deliver don't they? Many well hung hunks like Cooker are awaiting you. What are you waiting for, get Cooking!

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