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There's an art to sucking dick. And I'm afraid you've either got it, or you don't. You can learn it, if you want to. And this might be a good place to start because there's nothing like learning on a big cock and Extra Big Dicks certainly has lots of those. These two big-dick guys are taking turns slobbering all over one another's cocks. And I grabbed some of the close up pictures, so we could take a look. The first thing you want to do in engage. A man loves it when you look up into his eyes while you're sucking his cock. This shows him that you're really loving it. Next, start at the tip and pay attention to every inch of his cock. Look at Xander as he wraps his lips around Bobby's cockhead. And check out the look of anticipation on Bobby's face as he watches Xander who is about to slide down all 8 inches of that hard dick. It's something to see, isn't it? Xander and Bobby swap places and Bobby gets down on his knees. He holds Xander's stiff cock in place with his thumb and then slides his lips down it until he's buried right down to the balls. It's pretty awesome to watch, and you should be able to pick up some pointers on sucking dick. Xander also gets his ass plugged by Bobby's big cock, so you have that to look forward to as well.

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