Washroom Sex

Adam and Slade are sharing a hotel room in this Next Door Buddies video. They end up in the bathroom at the same time. Slade hops in the shower first and Adam is watching him shower. Adam climbs into the shower, and these two horny studs start taking care of their morning wood. Swapping blowjobs under the spray of hot water, they're getting really turned on. Adam loves his buddy's cock so much and he wants to feel it sliding between his butt cheeks. And these two studs put on quite a show, wait until you see their acrobatic fuck scene on the bathroom vanity. Adam does a handstand off the vanity while Slade lubes up his fuck hole with his tongue, and then, Slade slides his cock down into Adam's butt while he continues his handstand. Finally the guys are spent, and they spread a towel on the bathroom floor and finish one another off. It's a hot washroom sex scene that has these two sweaty and horny studs really steaming up the mirrors.

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