"You Want Me to Cum All Over You, Don't You?" "You Want Me to Cum All Over You, Don't You?"

Troy Phillips just missed his bus; David Adams sees an opportunity. David pulls up and offers Troy a ride and Troy hops in. "I just have to stop off somewhere for something first," David says. Of course he does, this is MEN.com after all -- that somewhere is his apartment, and the something is hopefully a straight dick up his ass. They're only at David's apartment for a minute or so before Troy changes his mind, something about forgetting keys and he's going to walk home. David tries getting him to stay and paws Troy's crotch. Come inside and see what happens next.

I had a chuckle at this scene. I know we're supposed to be above stereotypes, but we're really not, so indulge me. David is scruffy faced with shaggy hair, he wears unstylish clothes, and as we'll find out shortly, he doesn't trim his pubes, and he's desperate to get laid -- David is gay. Troy, on the other hand, is handsome, well groomed, he's wearing a tight-fitting, fashionable t-shirt, and as we'll discover, he's sporting assless Andrew Christians and trimmed pubes --Troy is straight See what I mean? Kind of funny, but refreshing that the scraggly hipster is the cock hound, and not the pretty fashionista.

But even though Troy rebuffs David's advance and roughly pushes him away. David begs. Yeah, he does. Really. So Troy says that he and his girlfriend are on different schedules and it's been a while. "Okay, but just a blowjob," he says. "Nothing else." David nods and pants "sure thing" and kneels. But like any horny cocksucker, David wants more, so after getting Troy's balls tightening, David stands and kisses Troy. The straight guy pushes David on the bed, rips down his jeans, and fingers his butt hole. Hard. Then Troy gives David a forceful fuck with his big dick. "You want me to cum all over you, don't you?" Troy pants. Whether David wants it or not, his hairy torso is getting splattered with straight cum. Good thing he wants it.

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