Vic Will Have You 10 Secs Into This Clip

Vic is in the hot tub speaking to the cameraman at Sean Cody. He wants to know what is different about him, something that people wouldn't expect? Come on, surely he won't use the smarter than he looks cliche? Actually he does, but it's okay. I don't mind particularly because he has the cutest accent and he's also adventurous. The things that pass through my mind when Vic says he's adventurous are unthinkable.

Vic stands completely naked pumping away on his cock, groaning with a hand behind his head showing off an impressive bicep. I reckon Vic might be a bottom, 'cause throughout him jacking off he massages his hole - so it's quite clearly a sensitive spot for our hunk at the least.

Check out the trailer below by visiting Sean Cody.

Vic's video for Sean Cody

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