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Mike falls into the "blue moon" category. It's not very often that we see a guy this hairy on Sean Cody, so there must be a blue moon this week. Mike is a budding musician from the East Coast. He's 24 years old and has spacers in his ears; he's got a deep voice and he's pretty cute. He's trying to get a small group together to play around the local bars, but mostly he's just working on honing his skills.

When this rocker starts shedding his clothes, he'll send those Oscar-watching gym bunnies running for the drugstore screaming, "Nair! We've got a major clean-up in aisle 3!" So Sean Cody starts with the obvious: "You're pretty hairy!" And Mike says that in high school his friends used to call him the Teen Wolf. He adds that he started getting hairy when he was thirteen. He was bothered by the nickname back then, but now he likes his hairy body. And we do, too! Slather this boy in honey and drop him at Beef Dip in Puerto Vallarta! The bears would eat him up for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert!

And under all that fur, Mike's got a pretty nice cock. He starts off getting it hard while he's standing. Then when he wants to get into a full-on pump, Mike lies on the floor and hangs his legs over the bed. The only problem about being hairy is that cum clean-up is a bitch, and after this session, Mike has a big cleaning job to do. But he'll manage. I sure hope we see this rocker dude back fucking somebody's ass at Sean Cody.

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