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Max Chase is a sexy daddy and he's very hairy. As far as men go, Max is right up there with an ideal man. I love my men dark-haired and I really have a thing for Mediterranean men, so Max's brown, soulful eyes and tanned skin really get me thinking of Italy, Greece, and Spain. Max says that he loves laying out on the Florida beaches in his tight Speedos.

But in this scene, Max is hanging out in his bedroom, so there's no need to be shy. He unbuttons his jeans and exposes his furry belly. Then he fishes out his big-nobbed cock - what a beautiful dick. It sure looks like you could lose yourself in a long, slow blowjob. And there's nothing hotter than sliding a nice-sized dick in your mouth and sucking it for a long time. And Max's cock looks perfect - not too long, not too thick, just right.

Max also spreads his ass and reveals a very hairy fuck hole. He loves dick and I'm getting hot thinking about sliding my dick into his hungry butt hole. That's something Max says he enjoys very much. Head over to Hot Older Male and check out Max's free preview video.

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