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Vadim Black's first scene with debuts today. Should we care? No, we shouldn't. But his legion of fans will stampede over to to watch him stick his average-sized cock in Jack Radley's ass. And as much as I wish Vadim Black would board the next train out of Pornland and never come back, there's something oddly fixating about him. He's like that car wreck you pass on the highway -- you don't want to look, but you can't help yourself. Why?

Earlier last year, Vadim Black left Broke Straight Boys and followed Johnny Forza over to Dallas Reeves. A couple of months later, Black was back at BSB admitting the error of his ways, apologizing to his fans, and calling Dallas Reeves shady. No big deal, right? Performers move around, although publicly criticizing a producer isn't a smart thing to do if you want to keep working in Pornland.

And let's talk about Black's reputation as Twitter's Meltdown King. He has said on Twitter: "I just hate FAGS who like to run their mouth ... no offence" and "Look gay motherfuckers. I'm NOT Gay!" And that last one came at the end of a tirade where Black also posted a picture of a large gun and ammunition saying that he's "always strapped," he also threw around bitch, faggot, and nigga in that tirade. But I can't show you any of those tweets because he's deleted his whole feed, but there are enough screencaps of his tweets on other blogs.

So why on earth would want to bring a heap of trouble like Vadim Black into their world? Why give such a homophobic douche bag any money or attention? And why the hell am I wasting any time talking about him? The sad thing is that Vadim Black is a sexy guy, and as it turns out, he's not a bad little actor. It's actually a good scene, Jack and Vadim have good chemistry, Jack's a good cocksucker and Vadim's a good top. And after fucking Radley, Black covers his face with a 6-pump cumshot.

I don't understand my weird fascination with Black. I know he's bad, but I watch him anyway. He's like one of those young guys you pick up in bar and you know taking him home is a mistake. You know you'll probably end up tied to the bed and dialing 911 with your nose while mother's good silver walks out the door, but you invite him home anyway.

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