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Furball Jimmy Fanz has always been a fan favourite over at and he's had two videos released on the site this week. His latest video called "Wet" finds Fanz and his scene boyfriend Troy Tyler having some fun on the beach and playing in the ocean before heading inside for some more fun in the shower.

The on-screen lovers are on vacation and among all the sight seeing, holidays are great for catching up on sex. The guys hop into the shower back at their hotel to wash the salt and sand off their bodies. They kiss and Troy sucks and chews his lover's ears -- now that's not something we see a lot in porn -- then Jimmy moves down to Tyler's nipples. But the stud is more interested in feeling Jimmy's lips on his cock, so he gently pushes Jimmy's down.

The boys swap blowjobs under the spray in the shower, then Jimmy bends over the bathroom vanity and gets his furry butt fucked hard. The guys move into the bedroom and Troy lets Jimmy have his fun riding his dick. But for the finale Jimmy ends up on his head with Troy holding his feet and plunge fucking him until Jimmy rains cum down on his chest and face.

Jimmy Fanz's second scene at is with Dirk Caber and it's called "Daddy Hunt" and has the couple hooking up on the cellphone app. Tired of the same old shit at the bars, Fanz decides to give this daddy thing a try to see what all the fuss is about -- he's not sorry.

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