20 year old Venezuelan hottie Victor has a splendid cock. At a long and slender eight and a half inches, it's perfect for deepthroating. Victor loves to jerk off and EXTRA BIG DICKS took advantage of that weakness in this slim, horny young man. We don't see Victor totally hard here but sometimes it's nice to just look at a semi-hard biggun. Especially one as nice as Victor's. I hear that EBD has the full monty for all to see over at their site though so don't fret. For now we'll have a gander at that sweet, growing brown meat.


Mmmmm...pull on that dickskin boy! Damn I love foreskin. Perhaps it's because society goes on about how dirty it is. Well I don't mind a little bit of dirt. LOL. Perhaps it's because of the hidden treasure that can be found underneath the hood. Well I don't mind treasure either. What about you?


There the lad is. What a hunk. He's ready for a good sucking I think. At 20 years old you know he'd have a hard time going soft once you got your mouth around his organ. Now we just have to get the boy hard. Well head on over to EXTRA BIG DICKS and see him hard. How can you resist?

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