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I've got two meaty uncut cocks for you today from Next Door Buddies. And as those cold fall days start to settle in around the world, these two uncut guy are jerking off together in this steamy, outdoor session. Samuel Smith is outside sunbathing, and as his buddy Oliver Saint shows up, he finds Samuel touching himself on a rock outside of his house. Oliver fishes out his fat uncut cock and joins in.

Samuel Smith is a lean, 20-something-year-old guy with a tight, smooth body and a meaty uncut cock hanging between his legs and a big pair of low-hanging balls. He's the quintessential all-American boy-next-door. Oliver Saint is a cute dark-haired jock and he's a little more beefy than his buddy. His ripped abs are a tempting sight and would look even hotter covered in jizz. Thankfully, that's about to happen.

The guys strip out of their clothes and settle back and start jerking their meaty uncut cocks. Both of these guys are fairly equal in the cock size department. Samuel's cock is really thick at the base and tapers to his delicious cock head. Oliver's dick is thicker and his whole shaft and delicious uncut cock head are pretty much the same girth - Oliver's dick really is a beautifully thick piece of meat. They guys jerk off together, and then they manhandle one another's cocks in a side-by-side handjob session. And when they're ready to spunk, they let loose with two creamy loads all over those ripped abs. Head over to Next Door Buddies and watch the free preview video.

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